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Stephen Chiulli

66 Paseo Del Pinon, Santa Fe, NM 87508

Phone: 505.501.1093





Can provide jig assembled C1 Corvette bodies.

Supplies, distributes and installs:
                Modern chassis, suspension and brakes.
                LT or LS engines w/ECU.
                Electronic transmissions.
                Custom fiberglass and carbon fiber panels.
                Custom ECU programming.
                Electronic gauges.
                MP3, CD, XM radio.

Convert vehicle to:
                Modern motor and transmission with electronic controls
                Modern chassis and suspension
                Plug-in electric
                Gas/electric hybrid
                Alternative fuels

Chassis upgrades and welding.

We partner with top suppliers to provide the best in quality automobiles.



Why Classic vehicles? 
        - Many of my customers come in to the shop, see a classic car or truck and relive fond memories. I love the stories they tell when they remember what happened in that classic car all those years ago.

        - Many of the cars and trucks today don't have the appeal and styling I grew up with. Newer vehicles are modern marvels but pretty boring. To have the styling of a car from the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's with the performance of a modern car is a hot rodder's dream.

Our vehicles have been featured in calendars, books, videos and have won numerous awards.



Owner: Stephen Chiulli

        - Mr. Chiulli began his career in automotive in the mid-seventies as a mechanic for a race team, campaigning a "Grumpy" Jenkins (race legend) Vega.

        - He has designed and built many cars and trucks.

        - He is a long time drag racer and performance car driver.

        - In 2006, he moved from the New York City area to Santa Fe.
                        - It was my intention to build a business that would allow me to pursue my passion for automobiles.

        - Mr. Chiulli taught mathematics at Santa Fe high school and is a published author.

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