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Imagine driving a classic car or truck with all the reliability, fuel efficiency, power and comforts of a modern automobile.
Drive your muscle car with confidence anywhere, anytime.

Green Monkey coach works R can provide all the parts and expertise to bring your dream to life.
We will upgrade your classic or build you a new C1 Corvette with modern chassis, driveline and body.

- GMCW restores and maintains older cars and trucks.
o        From tune ups to performance upgrades and complete numbers correct restorations.
- The name "Green Monkey" emanates from "Grease Monkey" the old term for mechanics. I feel "Green Monkey" is a better fit because our services help keep classic vehicles on the road through improved reliability and performance, bring the owner enjoyment driving and showing off their cars and keep the cars out of the waste stream.
o        As well, I have worked to develop and build electric and fuel-electric hybrid hot rods. 

- GMCW can upgrade older vehicles with modern driveline, suspension, brakes and electronics to give all the amenities of a new car with the sex appeal of the classic cars and trucks.
o        "There is nothing like a sexy classic car or truck that performs and is as reliable as a modern vehicle".

- GMCW services include: engine tuning, carburetor rebuilding, mechanical repair, chassis building/tuning, welding, electrical wiring, electronics installation, upgrade parts installation, fuel injection, modern driveline fitment, modern suspension and brakes installation, fiberglass repair and metal parts fabrication and full vehicle restorations.

- GMCW can build you a restomod classic or a numbers matching show piece.



Can provide jig assembled C1 Corvette bodies.

Supplies, distributes and installs:
                Modern chassis, suspension and brakes.
                LT or LS engines w/ECU.
                Electronic transmissions.
                Custom fiberglass and carbon fiber panels.
                Custom ECU programming.
                Electronic gauges.
                MP3, CD, XM radio.

Convert vehicle to:
                Modern motor and transmission with electronic controls
                Modern chassis and suspension
                Plug-in electric
                Gas/electric hybrid
                Alternative fuels

Chassis upgrades and welding.

We partner with top suppliers to provide the best in quality automobiles.



Why Classic vehicles? 
        - Many of my customers come in to the shop, see a classic car or truck and relive fond memories. I love the stories they tell when they remember what happened in that classic car all those years ago.

        - Many of the cars and trucks today don't have the appeal and styling I grew up with. Newer vehicles are modern marvels but pretty boring. To have the styling of a car from the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's with the performance of a modern car is a hot rodder's dream.

Our vehicles have been featured in calendars, books, videos and have won numerous awards.